Advanced Excel Course

Welcome to the realm of Advanced Excel Course, where the capabilities of this powerful tool extend far beyond the basics. In this course, we delve into the intricacies of Advanced Excel, providing you with a comprehensive skill set that goes beyond the ordinary.

Prerequisites for Advanced excel training

You should have a solid understanding of the intermediate excel course before enrolling in the advanced excel course. If you don’t have good understanding of excel then join our intermediate or beginner excel course


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Eligibility Criteria for Excel advanced course

This course is tailored for:

Suitable for Intermediate Excel Users:

Ideal for those who have a foundational understanding of Excel and are ready to elevate their skills.

Professionals in Data Analysis, Finance, and Reporting, accounting, HR,sales executive, project manager,digital marketer:

 Designed for individuals seeking specialized Excel knowledge relevant to their professions.

Anyone Seeking In-Depth Excel Knowledge:

 Open to anyone eager to explore the advanced functionalities of Excel for various purposes.


Benefits of Advanced Excel Course

Enrolling in our Advanced Excel course offers:

Improved Data Handling Skills:

Master advanced techniques for manipulating and managing complex datasets.

Increased Productivity in Excel Tasks:

Streamline your workflow and accomplish tasks efficiently with advanced Excel features.

Career Advancement Opportunities:

Open doors to new career possibilities with a skill set that is valuable across various industries.


Excel advanced training Outline

Explore the structured modules designed to enhance your Excel proficiency:

Advanced Functions: SUMIF(S), COUNTIF(S) & AVERAGEIF(S)

In this section, we delve into advanced functions that go beyond basic calculations. Learn to use SUMIF(S), COUNTIF(S), and AVERAGEIF(S) to perform targeted calculations based on specified conditions. These functions provide a dynamic way to analyze and summarize data, allowing you to extract meaningful insights from your datasets.

Searching Databases using MATCH and INDEX Functions

Unlock the power of database search functionality with MATCH and INDEX functions. Discover how to locate specific information within large datasets efficiently, providing a precise and organized approach to data retrieval.

Using Slicers to Work with PivotTable Data

Slicers are a powerful feature in Excel that enhances the usability of PivotTables. Learn how to use Slicers to filter and interact with your PivotTable data seamlessly. This visual and intuitive approach simplifies the process of analyzing and presenting complex data structures.

Advanced Conditional Formatting Techniques

Move beyond basic formatting and explore advanced conditional formatting techniques. Understand how to apply complex rules to highlight specific data points, trends, or outliers, making your data visually insightful and easy to interpret.

Using Data Validation with Dependent Lists

Data Validation is taken to the next level by incorporating dependent lists. Learn how to create dynamic drop-down lists that adjust based on the selection in another list. This ensures data accuracy and simplifies data entry, especially in complex datasets.

Creating and Working with SCENARIOS

Explore the power of SCENARIOS in Excel for scenario analysis. Learn how to create, manage, and compare different sets of input values, allowing you to assess the impact of various scenarios on your models. This is crucial for making informed decisions based on different variables.

Analytical Tools: Using GOAL SEEK to Arrive at a Known Value

Discover how to leverage the GOAL SEEK function as an analytical tool. Learn to set a target value and let Excel find the input needed to achieve that goal. This feature is valuable for goal-oriented analysis and decision-making.

Creating a Visual Dashboard in Excel

Cap off your advanced Excel journey by creating a visual dashboard. Learn how to compile and display key metrics, trends, and insights in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. This skill is invaluable for presenting complex data to stakeholders or management.

Each of these advanced topics adds a layer of sophistication to your Excel skills, empowering you to tackle complex data analysis tasks with confidence and efficiency. Mastering these functions and techniques will elevate your ability to derive meaningful insights from your data.


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Eleonora Sara SedikEleonora Sara Sedik
13:20 05 Nov 22
I am glad I chose Deepak over the other teachers for my Excel course.I am amazed by the value provided by him.He is an excellent tutor, very patient and explains everything precisely step by step at your own pace.I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning Excel.
Neeraja NairNeeraja Nair
19:38 26 Oct 22
I would definitely recommend Deepak if you’re starting out with excel, or even if you just want to brush up your excel skills! He’s very patient, non judgmental, and above everything very knowledgeable. His classes are reasonable, and he caters to both individuals and corporates. Highly recommended!
CJ OkonkwoCJ Okonkwo
08:19 05 Jul 22
Deepak was very patient and understanding going through the basic principles in depth to ensure I understood each part of what I was learning. I will be back for the advance course and will totally recommend him for any seeking a one on one excel lessons.
Dorota MezykowskaDorota Mezykowska
08:00 23 May 22
Deepak is a great teacher: calm, professional with ability to teach. As we all know you can be keen to learn but who&how teach you matters a lot. His attitude is great, his Excel advanced knowledge is excellent.Highly recommended!
Mina NozariMina Nozari
19:47 27 Apr 22
Deepak was very professional. He is an expert in the field and helped me out a lot. He is 100% a great tutor not only for students but professionals at other fields who need to improve the excel skills. He is very patient and explains everything thoroughly. I recommend him highly.

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Job Opportunities After Pursuing an online advanced excel courses

Upon completion, you’ll be equipped for roles such as:


  • Data Analyst: Analyze and interpret complex datasets to extract valuable insights.
  • Financial Analyst: Utilize advanced Excel skills for financial modeling and analysis.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: Provide strategic insights by interpreting data through advanced Excel techniques.
  • Excel Specialist: Showcase your expertise as a specialist in utilizing Excel’s advanced features.
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Solution Architect
  • MIS Executive
  • Market Research Analyst

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